Build Massive Muscle 101

If you ask a number of random jacked guys at your gym,

“How do I build bigger muscle?”

…you’ll probably hear different replies.

“Lift your 1 rep max,” says the powerlifter…
“Pump ’em out with isolation,” says the bodybuilder…
“Switch up your workouts,” says the crossfitter.

This means that you may have to follow a PUSH-PULL-LEG split, add a whole body HIIT workout somewhere in between, and feel extremely exhausted after your workouts because the last meal you had before going to the gym was 5 hours ago!

If you are a busy professional, I know it’s a struggle to even fuel your body throughout the day, much more give all that you’ve got when you train after work hours.

To add to that, it’s confusing enough to know exactly what you need to do when you finally make it to the gym. You spend half the time trying to guess where to start or what to do.

Your time is limited.

You can’t waste a second doing random exercises that will never give you results.


Build Massive Muscle 101

According to a review paper by Brad Schoenfeld in 2010, there are three (3) ways to build more muscle:
mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscle damage.

Each one of these answers above could be true to some extent, but in reality, a combination of these three is important to build massive muscle.

1. Mechanical Tension, a.k.a., “Lift Heavy
The first key is to generate the largest amount of force (heavy weight) possible through the full range of motion.
Mechanical Tension is maximized by doing compound lifts like Barbell Squats, Rows and Bench Presses.

Begin your workouts focusing on MOVEMENT first, before going for isolation.

It is important to incorporate these basic movement patterns:

1. Hinge – Deadlift, Barbell good morning, Swings, Hip thrusts
2. Lunge – Split squat, back lunges, Bulgarian split squats
3. Push – Bench press, Shoulder Press, Push-ups
4. Pull – Pull-up, Bent-over row, seated rows, Unilateral rows
5. Squat – Back/Front squat, Goblet squat
6. Carry/Stride – Farmer’s Walk, Overhead Carry

Interestingly, mechanical tension does not mean you have to do your max every single time! In fact, a 2013 study by Pinto suggested that staying around 90% max is optimal for muscle growth on the bench press with an isometric contraction.

Also, each movement has a different ‘sweet spot‘ of mechanical tension. Test out your capacity for each lift – exercises like the squats and bench press is great at 3 to 5 reps for 4 to 6 sets at up to 90% your max, while others like the barbell rows and hip thrusts can benefit from a range of 8 to 12 reps of 2 to 4 sets below 90%.

EXERCISE: 3 to 12 reps at 4 to 6 sets at 70 yo 90% max.

2. Metabolic Stress, a.k.a., “Feel the burn
Your body experiences metabolic stress when you start feeling the ‘burn.’ This means that there’s ‘metabolite‘ accumulation in the muscle, including lactate, phosphate and hydrogen ions in muscle cells.

Metabolic stress happens when a person does steady muscular contractions without any rest in between reps (reverse direction before lockout on the joint) which prevents blood from escaping the veins, causing the muscle to ‘swell.’

To train for the pump, work each set to failure by doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) with short rest periods in between sets.

Exercise: 3 to 4 sets x 12 to 20+ reps at 1/0/1/0 tempo.

3. Muscle Damage, a.k.a., “Sore but not sorry
Your muscles experience fatigue when you perform slow negatives at full range of motion and maintain high tension. Adding variety to your exercises also contributes to this.

To get to the point of muscle damage, volume is your friend.
More reps, more sets, and even more exercises on the same muscle does the trick.

Exercise: 2 to 5 sets x 8 to 12 reps at 4/0/1/0 tempo.


Putting it together

Now that you’ve filled your arsenal with these three keys to build massive muscle, it’s time to put it in your program.

You’re probably doing most of the exercises, and we only need to make a few changes on how you do them!

There’s two ways to incorporate these in your workouts:
1. Undulating Periodization – instead of just following a strength focused workout at 8 reps for the next few weeks, cycle through these three keys over the course of one week.

Day 1 – go for mechanical tension, focusing on compound lifts for 2 to 5 sets of 5 to 12 reps, up to 90% of your max.
Day 2 – work on metabolic stress getting the pump, and
Day 3 – say hi to ‘volume’ doing more reps, sets, and various exercises for muscle damage.

2. Concurrent Periodization – this is good news for you if you are a busy professional who have a limited time for the gym!

No need to train 7 days in a week.

You just have to suck it up and go over the three keys to massive muscle. And being a high performing individual that you are, I know that you can push through it!

Start with one or two compound lifts focusing on mechanical tension. Then transition to metabolic stress, adding more reps, and then finish off with muscle damage


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I’m sure that more often than you want to, you tend to just go for your favorite selection of exercises when you finally get to the gym.
Or worse, you hop on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the lowest setting, and that’s your workout for the day.

This is a waste of time.

And with your time being more valuable, you’d want the most out of it!

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Coach Billy


5 Misconceptions about Online Fitness Coaching.

online-coachingOnline Fitness Coaching is a new trend in the Fitness Industry that you may or may not have heard about. Simply, it is a coaching program where a client gets training advice, direction, and motivation remotely from a Personal Trainer mainly through means of email, social media, and phone or Skype calls.  This removes almost all of the obstacles clients face when working with a Personal Trainer to maximize their workout and reach their goal. Imagine having a Personal Trainer who will help you with your exercise program, give you instructions on how to do the exercises, and even motivate you through your workouts without the hassle of finding that spot in your busy schedule just to spend an hour with your trainer! You also have the luxury of getting not just a certified, but a qualified Coach to help you. You see, when you go to a gym and look ask for a trainer, the management will only give you the most available trainer to fill in their empty schedule, but not necessarily qualified to help you reach your goals. That is where horrible gym stories with Personal Trainers originate! If you take advantage of the technology of today, you can get a great trainer wherever you are in the world without the hassle and for less cost!

You can get the same expertise, direction, and support that you need to reach your goals from Online Fitness Coaching! However, there are still some misconceptions about remote coaching that makes people think that Online Fitness Coaching won’t work for them. I hope after reading this, you’ll realize how valuable Online Fitness Coaching is and that it is one of the best options you have to help you reach your goals!

Here are the Top 5 Misconceptions about Online Fitness Coaching:

1) Any Personal Training, including Online, is expensive.

72c233b13ebebbac25dd2206653997402750cc36c9c71aa0fa6d9ef86ed99a11Personal Training can be quite pricey.  A single session with a Personal Trainer at a local gym would cost at least $40 an hour. At the gym that I work with, a session is only 25 minutes long for the same price! The price goes up depending on the Trainer’s level, qualifications, and the kind of gym you go to. Some Personal Trainers can charge up to $200 an hour! And another thing, the gym where the Personal Trainer works at probably adds cost to their fee like overhead charge, maintenance, membership, and other admin fees. To successfully reach your goal, you ideally want to train twice a week with your Personal Trainer at a minimum. This means that you have to cash out $240.00 to $1600.00 per month just to spend an hour with your Trainer! Of course, there are the reasons for the price and what matters is the value. Ask yourself, ‘Am I making progress? Do I see results? Is my time with my Trainer worth it?’ Now, the good thing about Online Fitness Coaching is that you can connect with a Trainer without the extra costs associated with the gym they work at.  The trainer delivers the same advice and expertise for a lower price. Online Fitness Coaching costs at an average of $100.00 per month. This reduction in price is due to the fact that the Trainer obviously doesn’t spend one whole hour with you per session, but instead uses that precious time to make your daily or weekly program, give you updates, answer your email questions, and send you motivating emoticons! Online Fitness Coaching is a very affordable alternative to Personal Training for you without compromising on quality.

2) My Trainer won’t see if I’m doing the exercises correctly or check my form through Online Coaching.

tumblr_mc2vyc8d3G1rita9ao1_400This one is a very reasonable concern – you hire a Personal Trainer mainly to supervise your exercises and workouts to see if you are doing them correctly and efficiently to reach your goal, and that you won’t hurt yourself. How can this be possible if your Trainer is not currently present with you in the gym while you workout? The answer to that is how well you maximize technology to your advantage! With Online Fitness Coaching, your trainer will give you all the information and exercise instruction that you need for your workout to be successful. This includes your daily workout routine, how to do each exercise, videos, and coaching instructions. Your program is updated each week (depending on your trainer’s program), and your trainer is available to you 24/7 with a click of a button! If you have any question that you want to ask your trainer, or if you are not sure if you did the exercise correctly, simply take a short video of yourself doing the exercise or even just write down your concern and send it to your Online Fitness Coach. Exercising is not rocket science, and you will only hurt yourself in the gym if you try unguided and unsupervised stuff that you see from the internet. Online Fitness Coaching maintains that much needed guidance and supervision that you get from hiring an in-person Personal Trainer, for less cost!

3) It’s the same as watching videos through YouTube or DVD’s

giphy During the 80’s and 90’s, aerobics became the trend in the Fitness Industry to promote the pursuit of health and fitness to a large number of people. Aerobics is a form of rhythmic, sometimes dance-like, routine of exercises that aimed to address strength, endurance, and flexibility at the same time.  It is usually done in a group class (thereby promoting fitness to more people) and is led by a single fitness instructor. As technology improved in the 90’s, you don’t need to attend a physical class every time you want to do aerobics – you can just buy a video of your favorite fitness instructor like Jane Fonda or Billy Blanks and do the aerobics workout at the comfort of your home! This may be one of the earliest form of Remote Fitness Training where you don’t need to be with a trainer or fitness instructor physically to do an hour or so of exercise.  But, remote fitness coaching has greatly improved from that stage. With Online Fitness Coaching you can talk with your trainer about your individual needs and specific goals. You won’t be aimlessly following some awkward and confusing steps, but you will be doing a custom-tailored exercise program that is tailored to your needs and goals.

4) I don’t have access to a gym so I can’t do the exercises my Coach will  give me.

plank w babyThe gym is an ideal place for people to go to if they are seeking to improve their physique, reach a higher level of  fitness, and reach their goal. But, the gym is not the only place to go to. One of the amazing advantages of Online Fitness Coaching is that you don’t always need a gym to work out! This is great for you if you are staying at home and is busy taking care of your kids, or if you are someone who is always away for a business trip, or if you will be going to a long vacation but still want to keep up with your training.  In any case, Online Fitness Coaching gives you freedom because you can train anywhere you are in the world, anytime. Whether it’s your living room, backyard, garage, hotel gym, or any park outside, you can have your training program and exercises custom made to fit your current needs. The program is flexible, so you can have days where you train at a gym, and days you train off and away. This also gives you accountability and motivation because you have less excuse not to work out! Even if you have a scheduled trip, your Online Fitness Coaching program can be modified to be aligned with your schedule.

5) I can do it myself.

newbie-759x500Now, you may think that you can easily search the internet, look up exercises and workouts through Google, and develop your own exercise routine. Guess what? you can do that and you can be successful at it! Whatever workout routine you make may work for you for a week or for a few months, and you may even see results, but eventually your body will adapt to it and you’ll need to apply some sort of progression to your workout. You can do it yourself, but whatever result or progress you see will only last for a while. It will take a longer time to get to your goal. Online Fitness Coaching provides expertise in exercise programming, goal setting, and motivational coaching to help you reach your goals faster. There will also be a higher level of accountability because you still have to let your trainer know how you did each workout week, or how you did with your diet for the past days. You see, it’s not about whether you can do it yourself or not, but it’s about the expert guidance, advice, and motivation that you’ll get from Online Fitness Coaching


Online Fitness Coaching has been in the Fitness Industry and is thriving because it works and people have seen results through this alternative to Personal Training. Train with direction, guidance, and advice from an expert trainer that you can trust! Fitness Coaching for Me provides this opportunity for people to access Personal Training wherever you are in the world, for a fraction of the cost! Try out our Package 1: Novice program for only $7.50 CDN per workout if you want to train 3x a week! Subscribe for four weeks and we guarantee your satisfaction, or you get your money back! Subscribe here or contact us for more information.


*also check out the Benefits of Online Fitness Coaching here

Benefits of Online Fitness Coaching and Personal Training

Before, the only way to be successful in the gym and reach your goals is to get the best Personal Trainer available in that gym and crush every workout session with your trainer.  There are a few setbacks to this approach: First, Personal Training could be expensive.  We at Fitness Coaching for Me are trainers ourselves, and we know that what you pay for to get that expert guidance, support and motivation from your Personal Trainer is worth it. But the reality is that Personal Training could be a luxury.  Hiring a Personal Trainer could easily cost at least $25 up to $300 per session, and if you are training 3 times a week to maximize results, that’s easily $300 to $3600 out of your pocket every month! Monthly Personal Training is simply not an option for many. images

Secondly, you only get the available Personal Trainer in the gym you are going to. You do not have an option to choose the experienced, best Personal Trainer in the gym. You might just get the “sergeant Trainer” that no one wants to train with because he shouts at every client!

Lastly, if ever you get the best Personal Trainer in the gym, it will be a constant scheduling struggle.  That trainer will have ‘popular time spots’ that you will also have to line up to (early morning before work, noon time, and after work hours). It’s either you have to keep adjusting to your Personal Trainer and keep changing your schedule three times a week or you don’t get any spot.


Thankfully, the Fitness Industry is evolving.

Through the internet, you can easily download the ‘Spartan workout‘ or the latest WOD. If you are a novice in the gym, you can easily Google how to use any machine you see in the gym or how to not-fall-from-the-treadmill. Connect to the gym’s free Wi-Fi and download an exercise app, and you’re good.maxresdefault

There’s nothing wrong with downloading a workout you see from the internet, or doing an exercise you saw from Instagram.  But you still want the best out of your workouts and not waste your time in the gym (and also not risk any injuries!).

This is where Online Fitness Coaching and Personal Training comes in. You now have access to the best Coaches and Personal Trainers out there!

Here are the benefits of Online Fitness Coaching:

1.) Get the Results You Want – Online Fitness Coaching works! You get the same expert guidance, advice, and motivation that you get from in-person Personal Trainers. Your Coach or Personal Trainer will be in touch with you through email, Skype, or messenger to assess your goals and needs, and keep you motivated! People who have done Online Fitness Coaching have seen results even without meeting with a Personal Trainer in the gym, that is why it is becoming more and more popular! Working with an Online Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach can get you results that will far exceed what you can gain from just working out on your own.

2.) It is a Lot Less Expensive – The price for Online Personal Training varies from website to website. Premium packages can cost up to $300 a month for online services. But think about the value that you get: it is still more cost efficient than paying for Personal Training at the gym. That is amazing! It is a great opportunity if you do not have access to the best coaches and trainers yet you will get the same incredible results, all through Online Fitness Coaching.

3.) Custom-made Training Program – It’s okay to just download general workouts from a good exercise website. But if you get Online Fitness Coaching, your training program will be individualized to your needs and specific to your goals. Your workouts will be updated each week and reviewed by your Online Personal Trainer so that you can progress in a safe yet efficient way. An Online Fitness Coach can even give you nutrition advice that can definitely help you get gains faster!

4.) It is Convent – You only need to read your e-mail or check your messenger at least once a week, download the training program, and you’re ready to go! Everything is easily available to you in Online Fitness Coaching. You can workout anywhere you are, and anytime you wish! Most Online Fitness Coaching also include home-workouts, or training programs that you can do even if you do not have access to a gym. You can literally train anywhere, anytime you want and with anything you want! Just tell your Online Personal Trainer and you can train any way you like, whether just using bodyweight, or use the kettlebells in your basement, resistance bands, or even be creative and use stuff like soup cans or rice bags from your pantry! If you are a busy person with constant schedule changes, Online Fitness Coaching is the best fit!


Online Fitness Coaching and Personal Training goes beyond the traditional in-person training and even online training apps where you only get general training programs. You will get a customized training Program tailored to your goals and a trainer assigned to you who will guide you through the process and motivate you, review your progress and give you updates each week. You will reach your desired results for a fraction of the cost!

Fitness Coaching for Me is composed of a team of expert Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches who work together to provide you the best guidance, advice and motivation that you need to maximize your workouts. You will get the benefit of training with not just one Personal Trainer, but with a number of the best trainers and coaches around the globe!

Do you think Online Fitness Coaching can work for you? If you still have any questions in mind about how it works, send us a message through our contact page by clicking here and we’ll be in touch with you.

Are you still not confident that Online Personal Training works? We at Fitness Coaching for Me formed this team simply because we want to help more people reach their fitness goals and be at their best. Try us for a month and see if it works! If you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back. Choose the package that fits your goal through our Services page here.


Hope to train with you soon!