Choose a Path.

You have a Destination in mind.

You know where you want to be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years from now. Your goals have been lingering in your mind for who knows how long. But you’re stuck simply because you don’t know where to start.

That is why Fitness Coaching for Me will give you a roadmap with clear directions that you can follow and even guide you along the way so that you can successfully reach your goal.

You only need to choose a PATH to take depending on how fast you want to get there.


So choose from the three paths below and see which suits your journey preference:

Trail Blazers Path.
The trail blazer could both be someone who are new to their fitness journey, or someone who are experienced but reached a plateau and seeks to forge a new direction.

If you choose this path, you’ll be part of a Group Coaching Team that includes pre-planned Training programs that you can easily follow, complete with exercise video instructions, coaching guides, nutrition tips, and mental toughness advice, a.k.a. everything you need for the journey.

Explorers Path.
The Explorer is more adventurous. They prefer a scenic route where they can enjoy the journey and all the challenges and obstacles along the way. The directions are mapped out, but stays flexible to immediate or impromptu side trips.

Explorers get a specially designed, custom-tailored roadmap – an individualized training and nutrition program sent monthly that suits their goals, lifting preferences, personality, energy, and lifestyle.

The Path of the Elite.
The Elite wants more than just arriving in one piece, or going for the pleasurable scenery in a new destination. The Elite seeks adventure and thrill from the journey, and the best way to do that is to assimilate in the culture. The Elite’s experience and knowledge will naturally lead to seeking guidance from a local who knows the place inside and out.
With this kind of partnership, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your journey in no time!

Choosing this Elite Path will grant you access to a one-on-one Coaching support. Your Coach will keep in contact with you through a messenger app (Skype or FB) to keep you motivated, consistent, and on the right track. You will be guided hand-in-hand as you traverse an elevated and exciting Fitness Journey.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in each path:

TrailBlazer. (Group Coaching)
What’s included: 3 to 4 day Workout program sent weekly with exercise videos, Nutrition Coaching, Mental Toughness Tips, Facebook Community support, Progress Tracking Sheet, Group Coaching.
Price: $97.00 per month or $1,067.00 for 12 months (1 month bonus per year)

Explorer. (Custom-tailored program)
What’s included: Custom-tailored workouts (3 to 6 days), Meal Planning guide, Mental Toughness Tips, Facebook Community support, Progress Tracking Sheet, Limited Coaching.
Price: $179.00 per month or $900.00 every 6 months (2 months bonus per year)

Elite. (V.I.P. Coaching)
What’s included: Preliminary Goal Setting Consult, Custom-tailored workouts (3 to 6 days), Done-for-you meals, Monthly Skype Coaching calls, Facebook Community support, Assisted Progress Tracking and Assessment.
Price: $349.99 per month or $3,200.00 for 12 months (3 months bonus per year)


Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about Fitness Coaching for MeĀ and we’ll try our best to answer you as fast as we can!